APD Evaluation

Parents: Are you wondering about your child's hearing? You just have a feeling, but you can't put your finger on what your concern is? Our parent assessment tool is available here. The doctor will read the results and contact you to discuss. If you are curious about your own hearing, there's a self-test for that here.

Amplification for Auditory Processing Disorder

Have you heard about amplification for sensory hearing loss? If you're thinking about hearing aids, you may be eligible for a trial from Sound Sense.

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What is Auditory Processing Disorder?

APD is a condition that causes people to struggle to understand what they hear, despite normal or near normal hearing of soft sounds.

Is there Treatment for APD?

Yes! There are several treatment options that improve outcomes. At Sound Sense, we've helped students and professionals who struggle with APD.

Hearing Aids FAQ

Hearing Aids 101:  Care & Maintenance

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